“Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do” – Jessica Jackley, Businesswoman

Welcome to MPA Accounts, or Michael Pankhurst & Associates Accounts, in its full form.
Mike first began his accounting career with a Local Authority, before starting his own business in 1984. With a real desire to help the everyday person navigate the complex taxation landscape, he has built a successful business – where his customers become friends.
He has now created a small team of hard working and knowledgeable people, dedicated to guiding you through the headaches of taxation – but still maintaining that family friendly feel.
In a world that prides itself on automation, call centres and box ticking, here at MPA we desire to get back to the personal style of business. As friends, we want to be there for you whenever you need. Talking, emailing or messaging us at the times suitable to you. 
We are here to take care of the issues that cause you anxiety. We concentrate on our specialities so that you can focus on yours. Rather than spend hours of unpaid work, sweating over your tax returns or VAT submissions, allow us to do it, because time is your most valuable commodity.

Our Team

Our team are what makes us unique.


Michael Pankhurst

Managing Director

Alanna Grant


Nathan Taylor

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  • April 8, 2020
  • Michael Pankhurst
Due to the current pandemic, we all face a situation that we, or our business, have never faced before. Do you need direction in this maze of financial confusion? Whilst the current political infrastructure has provided a series of solutions to the financial difficulties, how do we navigate through this sea of jargon?

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